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You Ask, We Make, They See

Bienvenus en France!

Video Production Company in Paris and France

Armonica Film is one of the best  Video Production Companies in Europe. We have offices in France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Armonica Film is a video production company working in France since 2005. With headquarters in Paris and local camera crews, Armonica Film can reach the whole Country. We are a team of experienced videographers, that created hundreds of videos for clients worldwide. Our writers, producers, directors, camera operators and editors can handle the whole production process, from concept to final edit. Whatever the size, whatever the budget, we will manage your video project in France.


Armonica Film provides a complete range of video production services.  You can hire our Camera Crew anywhere in France. We specialise in Event Filming, Corporate Video, Commercial, Music Video, Documentary, Tourism and Hotel Video. Our experienced directors and camera operators provide high quality footage for every kind of video. They also perform Underwater and Aerial Filming. Our post production department includes experts in Audio Visual Editing, Graphic Design and Motion Graphic.


Armonica Film France is based in Paris. Our camera crew can operate anywhere in France. You won’t pay an extra fee for the travel, because our videographers are already there, where you need them: Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg or Grenoble. We also offer facilitation services in France, providing Crews, Actors, Locations and Equipment. Contact us to develop your video project outside France as well: with our local branches in Germany (Armonica Film Berlin), UK (Armonica Film London), Italy (Armonica Film Italy) and Spain (Armonica Film Madrid) we can shoot anywhere in Europe.

Since 2005 we made hundreds of videos in France for our clients from all over the world. Our Video Production Company provides high quality videos at a very competitive price.

Some of our Clients:


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