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Camera Crew for Event Filming in Paris, France

Armonica Film is a leading European Video Production Company. With offices in Paris and camera crews in the main French towns, we can film every kind of event video everywhere in France.

An event happens once in a lifetime. There is no second chance: it has to be one-take. If you miss a moment, it’s lost forever. That’s why you need a skilled and experienced camera crew. Since 2005, we’ve been filming dozens of events everywhere in France, for important customers from all over the world. Working in many different situations, we acquired enough experience to handle events of any kind and size.  Our video crew will never miss any precious moment of your precious event.

Just ask us what you need and we’ll make it for you. You can hire our camera crew for any sort of event, from small meetings and interviews to crowded concerts. If you need to film a congress, a conference, a fashion show, a performance or a sporting event, contact us for a free quote. Our talented directors and camera operators have the know-how and the equipment to always get the best footage. We use Canon EOS 5D, C100, C300, C500, 1DC, Black Magic and Red Epic cameras to shoot Full HD and 4K videos.

Whether you want to show the whole event or capture the most engaging highlights, we can edit the video for you. We provide amazing media for Web, TV and DVDs. Our team is trained and equipped to edit the video in real time or to broadcast it in live streaming worldwide. If you plan on filming the event with your own camera crew, we also offer facilitation services.

Wherever your event is, Armonica Film will get there. We have offices in Paris and camera crews in Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg and Grenoble. It’s easy for us to reach every location in France.

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