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Power of Creating.

Power of Creating.

Motion Graphics and Animation in Paris and France

Armonica Film is a video production company in Europe. With our offices in Paris, we can provide amazing motion graphics and animations  all around France.

The Armonica Film team also includes motion graphics experts. The real animation wizards working at our post-production department are able to create amazing Hd contents for any type of video, including commercials, corporate, music or event videos. Our customers will always get the best quality available, but still at a reasonable price.

Specifically, stunning graphics and animations can add some magic to the footage. Our team can work on existing images, as well as on new footage shot by us, to advertise a company, a product or a business. Moreover, the edit department can add a new, exciting dimension to a music video.

Our office in France is in Paris. We are a close-knit team of talented professionals, working in this industry since 2005. We will take care of every aspect of a project, from the script to the screen. This means that the all filming process will be 100% stress-free for our clients. They won’t need to worry and to waste time trying to solve production problems, since we are prepared to do that for them.

We’ve been working for important clients from all over the world. Our talented and experienced motion graphics experts will help developing the clients’ ideas or they will find new ones for them. They know how to turn every type of footage into an eye-catching, fascinating video.

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