Armonica Film is a video production company providing production services and logistic support in France and all over Europe.

Armonica Film is a video production house, working in France and Europe. We offer our own video services but, in addition to that, we also provide logistic support and qualified personnel for other video production companies.

If you are trying to organize some filming days in France from anywhere else in the world, and you don’t want to move your team, we are ready to provide production services for you! Our camera crews are highly professional and qualified, and they use video equipment of the highest quality. We are ready to collaborate both on cinematographic productions, and on other types of filming, including corporate, promotional, music, touristic or medical videos. Our team has a very long experience in different video fields, we are extremely flexible and we can easily adapt to all situations.

Specifically, our operators can film with different cameras depending on your needs, including Canon C300 MKIII, Canon C70, Sony FX3, Sony FX6, Sony FX9, Blackmagic 6K, Red Komodo or Arri Alexa. If for any reason you need other types of cameras, we can easily handle the rental. Obviously, we also provide audio sets, lighting kits, gimbals and drones.

Our production services also include taking care of authorizations for specific locations, accommodation, casting, translation and subtitling. Armonica Film organizes and realizes video productions in France and all over Europe, as you can see on our international websites: Rome, Berlino, Londra, Madrid.